Which banks accept cryptocurrencies?

For the past few years, cryptocurrencies or virtual currencies have been on everyone’s lips. Many people consider it a safe and profitable investment without hesitation. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS… there are many crypto-currencies circulating today. The soaring prices attract more and more savers. But where to find these virtual currencies? Do neobanks and online banks …

Where can I store my cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency storage is an important step in keeping your personal digital currency safe. Whether it’s Ethereum, Bitcoin, or any other crypto currency, having a good storage wallet is essential to keep your funds safe. Many trading platforms that also offer you to store passwords are not trustworthy. Thus, here are the different wallets where you can store your cryptocurrency.

Kucoin: a crypto-currency exchange platform for web 3.0

The advent of Web 3.0 has produced a complete upheaval in the crypto-currency market. Exchange platforms, or Exchanges, play a prominent role in the digital world, allowing traders and other users to buy and sell virtual assets. That’s where Kucoin comes in. Kucoin is an innovative platform that allows its members to trade crypto-currencies like …