the oneplus 10t in detail: an innovation to discover

The OnePlus 10T in detail: An innovation to discover

Discover the world of the OnePlus 10T, a true technological marvel that redefines the boundaries of innovation. In this detailed article, we’ll take you to the heart of the exceptional features that make this smartphone a must-have choice for high-tech enthusiasts.

discover the samsung galaxy s6: detailed presentation

Discover the Samsung Galaxy S6: Detailed presentation

Immerse yourself in the world of technology with the Samsung Galaxy S6, a smartphone that redefines the standards of mobile innovation. In this article, we offer you a detailed presentation of this technological gem, combining refined design and advanced functionality for an unrivalled user experience.

a close up of a persons hand delicately cleaning a sma 23d042b3 5a08 4cc2 a3d5 b4a4185d88f0

Clean your phone screen in 5 easy steps

These days, our smartphones have become a constant and indispensable extension of ourselves. However, they are also notorious vectors of germs. In this article, we’ll show you how to clean your phone’s screen in 5 simple steps to ensure not only optimal use, but also a healthier environment.

which is better: oneplus 10t or oneplus 11?

Which is better: OnePlus 10T or OnePlus 11?

In the ultra-competitive world of smartphones, choosing the best model can often seem confusing. Today, we’re going to put your doubts to rest by comparing two flagship models from the famous OnePlus brand: the OnePlus 10T and the OnePlus 11.

oneplus 11: detailed presentation of the new smartphone

OnePlus 11: Detailed presentation of the new smartphone

The world of smartphones welcomes a major new player: the OnePlus In this article, you’ll find a detailed presentation of this technological gem, which promises to push back the limits of what we expect from a cell phone.

découvrez les nouveautés sur android 14

Discover what’s new on Android 14

With the imminent release of Android 14, the new version of Google’s operating system promises many improvements and features that will transform the user experience. Here’s an overview of the main new features that await you.

Rekordbox 4.0 - Pioneer DJ réinvente l'expérience DJ Pioneer DJ a récemment élevé sa gamme de contrôleurs DJ à un tout nouveau niveau et cette fois c'est l'application de DJ de Pioneer qui bénéfice d'une mise à jour substantielle avec la nouvelle version de Rekordbox 4.0. Disponible uniquement sur iOS pour le moment, Rekordbox 4.0 permet aux DJs de mixer et de contrôler leur musique à tout moment, même sans leur contrôleur habituel. De plus, la version 4.0 de Rekordbox apporte un lot de nouvelles fonctionnalités, y compris la possibilité de sélectionner ou mixer sa musique depuis les plateformes de streaming (Apple Music, Deezer, SoundCloud Go+, etc.) directement depuis l'application. Pour une expérience plus approfondie, le logiciel peut également être connecté à un contrôleur Pioneer DJ, comme le DDJ-FLX4, l'un des derniers contrôleurs de la gamme. Enfin, un portage d'Android est également prévu pour peu en avant la fin de l'année.

Discover Rekordbox 4.0: the new version of the Pioneer DJ application for smartphones

Rekordbox 4.0 – Pioneer DJ reinvents the DJ experience

Pioneer DJ has recently taken its line of DJ controllers to a whole new level and this time it’s Pioneer’s DJ app that gets a substantial update with the new Rekordbox 4.0 release. Available only on iOS for now, Rekordbox 4.0 allows DJs to mix and control their music at any time, even without their usual controller.


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Technology is everywhere these days: phones are there, computers are there… It’s simple, you can’t do anything without it! This is even more important when you are a student. There are many high-tech products to accompany you in your daily life, but the choice is essential! Here is a top Tech accessory that is a …