Discover CoachEasy, a simple tool to help you reach your goals!

Coacheasy: an all-in-one tool for coaches

Today, coaches wishing to offer their clients an exceptional quality of coaching can rely on Coacheasy. This new online service offers a platform to centralize the management of one’s coaching activity. With Coacheasy, coaches can manage their clients and their coaching programs, precisely follow their clients’ evolution and create personalized coaching plans.

Coacheasy offers coaches many features to facilitate their work and better support their clients. Thus, Coacheasy offers a private and personalized coaching space accessible to clients, a billing system for your coaching sessions via Stripe/Paypal, an appointment system and resources for sharing information. In addition, Coacheasy allows you to duplicate a goal from one client to another and view the space as a client.

Learn to use CoachEasy in 5 steps

CoachEasy helps coaches to better organize themselves and offer high level services to their clients, while controlling their administrative costs. CoachEasy has therefore set up a complete training divided into 5 videos, intended to guide users in the configuration of their account and the use of the tool.

The first video is about the configuration and the dashboard & the client files (General, Objectives & Actions tabs). The second video covers the creation of a client record and a coaching plan with a view of the client space. In the third video, users will learn how to manage and create appointments and duplicate coaching plans. The fourth video deals with payments and product creation, while the last video provides access to shared resources and a client view.

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Once these training videos are completed, coaches will be able to easily use CoachEasy’s features and provide their clients with an optimal experience.

CoachEasy, the easy and efficient way to manage your coaching activities

CoachEasy is an indispensable platform for people who practice coaching. This platform provides access to several tools, which facilitate the management of various aspects of coaching, such as booking coaching sessions, tracking client numbers, defining coaching programs, and more.

With CoachEasy, it is possible to access a general and detailed dashboard to manage coaching activities. The coach will be able to manage his appointments and his client file, define personalized programs and share resources. CoachEasy also offers a messaging system to communicate with his clients and take private notes on his members.

CoachEasy is an excellent tool for those who need a simple and efficient solution for coaching related activities. This platform allows you to manage your activities in a professional way, in a simple and optimized way.

A personal and interactive coaching space to motivate yourself and reach your goals

With its new system, this coaching service offers its members a private and personalized space where their progress is in their hands. They can schedule appointments, join online coaching sessions and track the achievement of their goals via an action plan. In addition, they can earn success badges, communicate directly through messaging and download and share resources with their coaches.

This service is therefore a practical and interactive tool that allows members to stay on track and motivate themselves to finally reach their goals more efficiently and quickly.

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Track your clients’ coaching with Coacheasy

Thanks to Coacheasy, you will be able to follow up on your coaching in a professional and efficient way, and achieve success with your clients.

Coacheasy allows you to build a coaching plan for each of your clients, personalized and adapted to their needs. You can easily assess their engagement levels and progress directly from your dashboard. In addition, the tool integrates a chat messaging to facilitate communication with your customers.

You will also be able to define your client’s support plan with detailed steps such as a central objective, main and secondary objectives, as well as actions to be taken and dates to be respected for their completion.

With Coacheasy, you are free to guide your clients to success and achieve their goals with optimal precision!

Less than 100 euros to manage 10 clients for life, less than 200 euros for an unlimited number of clients!

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