How to compare the traffic of its site with its competitors?

Would you like to know the monthly traffic of your competitors’ sites? Would you like to be able to estimate the traffic generated by any website before you partner with it? Would you like to be able to identify different types of traffic sources for your website? We’ll show you how and what tools you can use.

Steps to analyze competitor traffic

In order to understand who you’re dealing with and the current state of SEO competition, you’ll need to do several types of research:

Know the important keywords for your business

Of course, you can already identify topics related to the products your company offers. But you need to go further and identify keyword combinations, topics related to your main keywords, more specific phrases of yourself to target and associated geo-targeted keywords.

Find out who the real competitors are.

Your biggest competitor may not be the one beating you in the search results in terms of sales or value.

Analyze the site’s editorial content

You should ask the following questions:

  • How was the website built?
  • What type of content is provided?
  • What is the average length of the top referring pages?

Keep in mind that natural citations, while essential, are not the only tools that appear at the top of the list.

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Look for external links to the competition’s website.

Once you’ve identified your competitors, you need to know not only what keywords are good for their SEO, but also what backlinks to their sites are. This helps a lot with the quality of your SEO positioning.

Launching the Google Ads campaign

It is also widely used by e-commerce companies to generate traffic and sell their products and services. Here too, you can conduct competitive intelligence, which should cover several areas:

  • Which competitors are bidding for the word.
  • How other sites are performing on keywords similar to yours (e.g., hit rate and average position)
  • Visits and conversions through ATS.
  • The most profitable keywords, few companies rank for them.

Analysis tools

Here are the tools you can use to analyze the traffic


SEO tools are among the best on the market. It offers a wide range of features and provides traffic analysis reports; estimated number of visitors, traffic sources, landing page, etc. If you want to use this tool, you just need to enter the URL of the page you want to analyze, for example yours or your competitor’s. The traffic analysis is fast and efficient.


Similarweb tops the list for its ease of use and the very comprehensive data it can collect. Once you specify the address of the site you want to evaluate in the dedicated field, the tool displays a long list of very detailed information.

Several statistics are then displayed, such as the total number of visits, the engagement rate, the average duration of a session or the bounce rate.

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Ahrefs is a premium platform with a well-known reputation. The SEO tools are used by some major platforms like Facebook. It is one of the most powerful tools on the web and can be easily used to analyze various information about your website, including traffic.

This tool helps you understand how your competitors are ranking; for example, which keywords are giving them increased visibility and referrals.

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