Royalty-free music for your videos with Flimstro

Filmstro is the perfect tool to transform the soundtrack of your videos. With a vast library of royalty-free, varied and thematic music, it allows you to customize your music and create custom soundscapes. Music is a key element in keeping your audience engaged, and Filmstro offers you endless possibilities to amplify the emotions you want to convey in your videos and stand out.

A wide range of themed and royalty-free music for content creators

Strategically categorized by mood, style (background music, cinematic, classical, electronic, etc.), video format (youtube, short/long format, tutorials, video intros, etc.)
Unique customization of music according to the scenes of your videos (rhythm, intensity, depth, etc.)
High quality music created by professional composers
Ideal for commercial use, commercials, podcasts, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, corporate films, etc.
View simultaneously with your videos
Export music to your computer
Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci, Final Cut

Engage your audience with Filmstro’s captivating royalty-free music

Filmstro has a library of royalty-free music specially designed for content creators. You’ll find a wide variety of music themes created by professional composers and strategically arranged to fit your projects. You can use these themes for your commercials, tutorials, YouTube videos, while ensuring exceptional sound quality.

Variety of music themes for content creators
Thematic classification by mood, video type, music style, etc.
Royalty-free music created by professional composers

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Easily customize music for your videos with Filmstro

Filmstro lets you customize music to fit your projects. It includes an intuitive editor that allows you to adjust the rhythm, depth, intensity, etc. to your video with just a few clicks! You can manipulate these settings in real time to tailor the music to each scene, with no musical skills required. If you are using Premiere Pro, Final Cut or DaVinci, you can download a plugin to make music integration into your projects easier.

Intuitive interface
Flexible and precise controls
Plugin for Premiere Pro, DaVinci and Final Cut

Create unique music with Filmstro for your videos

Filmstro offers incredible flexibility in customizing music. You can easily create unique themes that will set you apart and keep your audience engaged. You’ll have creative and precise control over your music, allowing you to perfectly match the emotion and rhythm of each scene in your videos.

Customize your music in real time
Effective transmission of the desired emotion in your videos
Improve the quality of your videos with unique sound compositions

Lifetime access, use for YouTube, games, apps, podcasts, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch from 79 euros.

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