Dragon Ball Super : The complete guide for fans of the anime series

Dragon Ball Super respects the Dragon Ball saga and can be considered the equivalent of Dragon Ball Z in some respects. The anime tries hard to surprise us. In particular, the Black Goku arc is seen as the best arc of Dragon Ball Super. It builds on a premise similar to the cyborg arc of Dragon Ball Z to recreate the same effect of mystery and adventure throughout. As a reminder, this arc opens with a mysterious warrior capable of transforming into a Super Saiyan who beats refrigerators with his sword and pretends to be from the future, warning us of a new threat. In short, this anime is appreciated by many fans. We will talk about its history and the characters in this anime.

The history of Dragon Ball Super

The DBZ Super is a Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation Studios. The story of Dragon Ball super is a direct sequel to the manga by Akira Toriyama and the Dragon Ball Z series, which takes place after the conclusion of the Boo chapter and before the start of the 28th World Martial Arts Championship. After the battle with Boo, in Battle of Gods arc, there is a period of peace on Earth. However, the god of destruction Birus has just woken up from a 39 year sleep and intends to confront the Super Saiyan god, the legendary warrior mentioned in an ancient prophecy expressed by the oracle fish.

And in Arc The Resurrection of “F”, Freezer’s henchmen stole the Dragon Balls from Earth (originally found in the hands of Pilaf and his gang) and resurrected Freezer. One of their machines gives the Tyrant the ability to restore all his limbs that were divided by future Trunks. So, the evil prince (Golden Freezer) who got the golden transformation came back and disturbed the peace of the earth, but Son Goku and Vegeta who went to the planet Beerus to train didn’t know anything. Thanks to Bulma’s quick call, Goku and Vegeta came back to Earth as Super Saiyan Blue, enough to change that.

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The characters of dragon ball super

The main characters like Goku, Jiren, Vegeta, granola, Beerus, whis, etc. from the Dragon Ball manga appear in the series. Galactic Patrolman Harco and Bulma’s older sister Stockings, created by Akira Toriyama in the manga “Galaxy Patrolman Harco” in 2013, also appear. The new characters are God of Destruction Beerus and his master Wes. Freezer also returns with a new transformation: Golden Freezer.

Dragon Ball Super has also integrated the concept of parallel universes, running in pairs; when the sum of the two universes is 13, they are twins 12. Sun Wukong and his friends from universe 7 find themselves facing universe 6 in a tournament with the god of destruction, Beerus’ brother Champa, and his lover and Wes’ sister Vados, inhabitants of the universe.

The series also welcomes back the protagonist of Dragon Ball Z Future Trunks who appeared in the Black Goku arc. In this arc, Trunks asks Goku and Vegeta for help as someone with Goku’s appearance ravages his future city, introducing the characters of Goku Black and Zamasu.

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