audi se réinvente : vers un avenir numérique et technologique

Audi reinvents itself: Towards a digital and technological future

Audi, the iconic brand with the four rings, is stepping up its “We are Progress” campaign to reinforce its employer brand identity. With bold designs and punchy slogans, the campaign highlights the benefits of being employed at Audi, including flexible working patterns, excellent career opportunities and the chance to work in a constantly evolving industry.

Kawaii plush: the must-have for cute gifts

Kawaii plush is a must when it comes to choosing a present for a baby or child. These cute and cuddly plush toys are known for their unique design and attractive appearance. With their flashy colors and silky eyes, these plush toys give a feeling of softness and power to those who receive them.

School kids using digital tablet in classroom

Enjoy the benefits of a digital school

The digital age has opened up new ways for students to learn. Online learning offers considerable advantages and enables everyone to enjoy a richer, more flexible educational environment. In this article, we take a closer look at the advantages of digital schooling and how to make the most of this type of learning.

Blank blue screen of a phone with a businessman typing or scrolling the internet. Closeup of corpor

How to avoid the pitfalls of clickbait?

Risks hidden behind every click: how to protect yourself from cyber attacks?

Are cyber attacks a new phenomenon? Is it possible to protect yourself from the disastrous consequences? Today, a simple click can cause irreversible damage: fraud, data theft, etc. These attacks are multiplying and turning into a lucrative business. Cyber-criminals can now operate like real businesses, and enjoy a high degree of impunity. So why do some people still click on suspicious links? And what can companies and individuals do to reduce the risk of cyber attacks?

Intelligent crypto trader inventing successful trading strategy, reading candlestick chart

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing investment: find out why!

Nvidia sees its capitalization jump by $184 billion in a single day

Monday January 18, 2021 was a particularly fruitful day for semiconductor specialist Nvidia*. Following the publication of its quarterly report, and thanks to an increase of more than 24% in its share price, the company’s capitalization did not fall, but recorded a historic leap of $184 billion. This is one of the biggest results ever achieved in a single day on the stock market.

Les avantages d'apprendre une ou plusieurs langues étrangères Les atouts des langues étrangères sont nombreux et variés. En s'adonnant à l'apprentissage d'une autre langue que sa langue natale, une personne peut découvrir de nouvelles opportunités de carrière, des relations professionnelles et personnelles plus riches, un meilleur accès aux marchés de l'emploi, une plus grande compréhension des cultures étrangères, un plus grand potentiel pour voyager et rencontrer des personnes du monde entier, et l'accès à des contenus qui autrement ne seraient pas compréhensibles. En effet, apprendre une ou plusieurs langues étrangères ouvre de nombreuses portes et offre aux apprenants une gamme de possibilités qui autrement resteraient fermées. Découvrir de nouvelles langues peut donner accès à une variété de contenus qui autrement seraient inaccessibles, comme des vidéos, des articles, et des livres.

How to expand your professional horizons by learning foreign languages

The advantages of learning one or more foreign languages The benefits of foreign languages are many and varied. By engaging in learning a language other than one’s native tongue, a person can discover new career opportunities, richer professional and personal relationships, better access to job markets, greater understanding of foreign cultures, greater potential to travel …

pdf prompt banniere

150 ultra-powerful ChatGPT prompts to boost your business

Optimize your use of chatGPT with these 159 prompts! With the rise of artificial intelligence and more precisely, of “conversational bots” or “chatbots”, GPT (generative pre-trained transformer) technology is at the heart of interactions between humans and machines. Thanks to this GPT system, it is possible to obtain automated and personalized answers to users’ questions. …