Furniture and decorative objects inspired by the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter

Fantastic Home recently launched its first home décor collection, made exclusively in France. The collection, which is inspired by the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films, combines the world of the iconic films with high-quality materials and local artisans. This unique, exclusive, limited edition collection goes on sale April 20.

An Innovative Collection: Marrying Cinema and French Manufacturing

A French sibling from Burgundy was behind this innovative idea. One of the sisters studied at Louis Legrand and has always had a passion for French manufacturing, while their two brothers come from creative advertising agencies. Together, they came up with the idea of marrying their passion for film with their love for French manufacturing and design. The collection includes high-end furniture and home accessories that bring the world of cinema and subtle elegance into our homes.

The Bilbo! TV stand and the magical world of The Lord of the Rings

Inspired by the magical world of The Lord of the Rings, the Bilbo!TM TV stand offers a perfect combination of design and functionality. Its contemporary Scandinavian design is highlighted by its masterfully designed central door. Its slender curves, contrasting with its clean lines and wooden slats on the sides, allow for a mix of styles that is typical of the Japandi style.

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Made of a mix of natural raw materials underlined by brushed brown brass finishes, the Bilbo! TV stand is edited in 100 numbered copies and under official Warner – Lord of the Rings license. Ideal for your cinema set up, this TV stand is full of storage and layout solutions.

Entirely designed and manufactured in France, the Bilbo!TM TV stand offers all the trendy and modern features to satisfy fans of The Lord of the Rings and followers of contemporary design.

The LorienTM Collection – warm, golden colors that take you on a journey

The LorienTM Collection is a journey through time and space, taking us back to the origins of the Tolkien universe. The warm colors and golden threads give these products a precious and meaningful look.

The Galadhrim floral motif is finely chiseled and represented in an airy, vegetal style, allowing consumers to feel close to the magic of the forest.

The LorienTM Collection is therefore a very precious series that will accompany and bring beauty to the interiors of those who appreciate the world of Tolkien and love to hunt for its treasures. The products are available in curtains and cushions, as well as in limited edition and, for the most intrepid, in high quality wallpaper.

A magical touch with the Spells! tableware

The Spells! dinner set is the perfect surprise gift for all Harry Potter fans. Composed of 8 plates and a set of 16 pieces of high quality stainless steel cutlery, these utensils are designed and crafted with the utmost care. On one side, the upper plates represent the Patronus of the most famous Hogwarts wizards, decorated with shades of blue and gold for a refined look. Then the main plates are dressed with the most famous spells. Finally, the cutlery decorated with Hermione Granger’s wand is the perfect finishing touch to this sumptuous dinner service.

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Delivered with a certificate of authenticity as a guarantee of quality, the Spells! dinner service is made and edited in France in 500 copies only and under official Warner – Harry Potter license. A service not to be missed!

The Fantastic Home Collection: Another Idea of Derivative Product

An innovative collection made with passion and 100% French! This is what the French from Burgundy have committed themselves to: a sibling group composed of a sister and two brothers who have combined their love for fantasy movies and their knowledge in manufacturing and design.

Their goal? To combine decorating style and passion, creating a collection subtly inspired by the symbols and icons of fantasy films. It’s not about plastering but about doing it with finesse.

Their first collection is part of the Japandi movement, a style halfway between the softness of a Scandinavian interior and the beauty of a typical Japanese decoration. The result? A derivative product that responds to the current trend and reveals a new creative art form.

This beautiful Fantastic Home collection will be launched in pre-sale in France and Europe on April 20, 2023 at 12:00 (GMT). Let’s expect beautiful and unique objects, for a trendy and personalized decoration.

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