Starfield on Xbox Game Pass: End of the €1 deal, disappointment and new horizons for gamers!

In the dynamic world of video games, announcements of new titles are often accompanied by surprise, excitement and sometimes disappointment. Microsoft’s recent decision regarding its popular Xbox Game Pass is no exception. In the run-up to the release of the highly anticipated Starfield, gamers may be disappointed by a policy change that affects the cost of Xbox Game Pass subscriptions.

The end of the €1 offer and the arrival of Starfield

Microsoft recently terminated an offer that allowed subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass to pay €1 for the first 14 days. This decision is seen as a blow to gamers hoping to benefit from the upcoming arrival of Starfield at a lower cost. Developed by Bethesda, Starfield is a long-awaited video game scheduled for release on September 6 on PC and Xbox

A debatable change

In March, the €1 offer had already disappeared without notice, provoking frustration and discontent among players. To play Starfield for a month on Game Pass, you’ll now have to pay €14.99 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, €10.99 for Xbox Game Pass Console and €9.99 for PC Game Pass. Despite this change, it’s expected that those who really want to play Starfield won’t be deterred by it

Pete Hines reassures the community

Pete Hines, Publishing Director at Bethesda, recently declared that the community could create new planets in the game. An announcement that has sparked enthusiasm among fans, and which could counterbalance the disappointment caused by the increase in Xbox Game Pass rates

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A surprise for subscribers: Sea of Stars

Meanwhile, another piece of news came as a surprise to subscribers to Microsoft’s on-demand gaming service. Sea of Stars, a JRPG evocative of the 90s with its 16-bit graphics, developed by Quebec-based Sabotage Studios, has been added to Xbox Game Pass. It was not scheduled for this week, which makes it a real surprise. Players who have purchased the Starfield Premium Pack will even be able to play it this week

In short, the video game ecosystem is constantly evolving, and Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass policy is further proof of this. While the end of the €1 offer may disappoint, the release of Starfield and the surprise addition of Sea of Stars to the catalog are news that will undoubtedly delight gamers. Despite the higher cost, Xbox Game Pass remains an attractive option for video game fans.

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