The first ROG handheld console under Windows 11: the ROG Ally, a must-have for gamers!

ROG Ally: the new gaming offering from Asus

Asus has launched the ROG Ally, a new gaming workstation that proves to be a powerful platform powered by the brand new AMD Ryzen™ Z1 Extreme APU. With its innovative combination of hardware and software technologies, the ROG Ally delivers an unprecedented level of gaming performance and is tailor-made for demanding gamers.

Features and performance

The ROG Ally is a versatile gaming platform with advanced high-performance graphics processors and memory technology. The all-new AMD Ryzen™ Z1 Extreme APU built into the ROG Ally delivers unprecedented power and allows gamers to enjoy the highest quality games.

The ROG Ally is optimized for programming and artificial intelligence (AI), and offers fully integrated graphics technology with superior gaming performance. With high-density memory, you can play games in 4K and achieve higher game rates with faster load times.

Custom software and additional services

Asus has integrated customization software into the ROG Ally. With its intuitive features, gamers can easily customize their gaming experience to get the best performance.

And for a complete and streamlined gaming experience, gamers can opt for the additional services provided by ROG. These services, which include technical assistance and product support, offer gamers additional benefits and exceptional support for their gaming activities.

If you’re looking for a gaming station optimized to give you a smooth and fast gaming experience, the ROG Ally is the perfect gaming platform. Equipped with the brand new AMD Ryzen™ Z1 Extreme APU, this gaming platform will provide you with unmatched power and top-notch visual performance. Plus, with software customization and additional services provided by ROG, gamers will be able to enjoy a complete and streamlined gaming experience.

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