Affiliate Marketing Platforms you need to try

Want to monetize your blog? Becoming a member is a great way to increase your income! To create an effective affiliate marketing campaign, it is imperative to choose the best possible affiliate platform. Affiliate marketing is a very popular E. marketing technique among bloggers. It allows website advertisers to promote their products or services by offering compensation to other websites in exchange for sales or traffic. To build an effective affiliate marketing program, there are specialized platforms you can use. Here are the affiliate platforms that can effectively launch your campaign.

What is an affiliate platform?

An affiliate platform or affiliate hub is a website that connects affiliators with affiliates. Affiliators are entities that offer their products, while affiliates are entities that promote their products. This strategy makes possible a promotional partnership between the two parties. Through this, the platform receives commissions on the financial gains made by both parties. It is an intermediary that facilitates the communication between several actors of the online business.

Why use an affiliation platform?

For advertisers, affiliation platforms allow them to reach a wider audience by publishing their ads on many different websites and by choosing the affiliate that matches their objectives. It offers great targeting flexibility, allowing ads to be displayed on websites targeted to specific niches or personas. It allows you to track the performance of each ad and publisher, which is useful for optimizing your campaigns.

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For affiliates, affiliate platforms offer the ability to leverage their site or network by running ads without having to worry about finding advertisers and negotiating commissions. It allows you to choose from many advertisers’ offers and select the one that best suits your audience. Typically, it handles sales tracking and commission payments, allowing you to focus on creating content.

What are the best affiliate platforms?

Find a partner who can make your event a real commercial success by working with the best affiliate solutions on the market.


Casaneo is the first and only French affiliate platform dedicated to the home and fashion sector. It specializes in affiliate programs on these themes and offers affinity networks and various publishers (more than 3000 partners from content sites, advertising agencies, influencers, retargeters, keywords, ad tech, cashbackers, coupons, etc.) 100% performance-based compensation model to support the visibility, traffic and sales objectives of its advertisers.


Founded in 2003, Kwanko has quickly become one of the leaders in the field of affiliate marketing and has accompanied the strategies of the largest e-commerce brands in Europe to acquire new customers online, such as Monoprix, Galeries Lafayette, Spartoo,, Brico privé, Sarenza, etc.

One of Kwanko’s strengths is its international network of over 180,000 affiliate sites, connecting brands to audiences around the world.


Awin is a global affiliate platform that provides affiliate networks for advertisers and publishers to set up affiliate campaigns. Awin is responsible for managing the relationship between each player in the affiliate network. The platform has over 21,000 advertisers and 241,000 affiliates. Awin Access is a tool created by the platform to assist first time advertisers.

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