SEO audit: working with a freelancer or a web agency?

For the past few years, the debate that most companies are engaged in when launching new projects or products is the following: Should you work with a web SEO agency made up of several SEOs or with SEO Freelancers? Both SEO freelancers and SEO agencies have their own strengths.

Advantages of an SEO web agency

An agency gathers an interesting set of profiles ready to work for you:

SEO agencies are more reliable and faster: experience, punctuality and efficiency: in the same vein, professional agencies accumulate valuable experience in teamwork and can provide clients with complete and high-quality web projects. As a result, an SEO web agency composed of several SEOs, etc. can leverage the strengths of each member of its team and be able to more accurately predict the resources and time it will take to achieve your web goals.

The biggest advantage of working with a professional web agency is the access to a versatile team that can handle all your development, design, and marketing needs. Plus, since every aspect of the project is a team effort, the final product will be more cohesive and complete than if you delegated the task to several independent SEO workers, each working in different ways.

SEO agencies provide long-term customer service and support: depending on the scope and size of the project, most agencies offer ongoing maintenance services. This detail (not really a detail) is all the more important as today’s digital and mobile projects are becoming more and more complex and overlapping with other business units. Thus, the multidisciplinary skills of an SEO agency will allow it to accompany your web project in the long term.

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The advantages of working with an independent SEO

Freelance SEO costs less than agencies: although this is subjective, in general, SEO freelancers have few fixed costs, much less overhead and are free to set their own fees. As a result, they often offer cheaper services than SEO agencies.

Freelance SEOs are experts: Usually, the reason why a professional chooses to become a freelance SEO is because they have added very specific skills in the field. For example, if your web or mobile project requires video or interactive illustration, you can find a freelancer who specializes in that area as well. A freelance SEO is most of the time very experienced, having done hundreds of SEO tasks (from the simplest to the most complex) for several clients in different fields and is able to adapt to the requirements of each client.

The Freelance SEO is more flexible and available: A highly qualified professional, the Freelance SEO is independent and will be your only contact throughout your SEO missions. Without intermediary, this SEO expert will be able to meet your expectations in a more reactive way and will be able to adapt to your needs and to each of your priorities by intervening more quickly, even outside normal working hours.

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