Audi reinvents itself: Towards a digital and technological future

Audi, the iconic brand with the four rings, is stepping up its “We are Progress” campaign to reinforce its employer brand identity. With bold designs and punchy slogans, the campaign highlights the benefits of being employed at Audi, including flexible working patterns, excellent career opportunities and the chance to work in a constantly evolving industry.

Audi’s technological identity

According to Xavier Ros, Board Member in charge of Human Resources at AUDI AG, the campaign aims to position Audi not only as an automotive company, but also as a leading IT and technology company. He emphasizes that working at Audi means contributing to a digital, sustainable and electric future.

Three pillars of the campaign

Audi’s campaign focuses on three key areas: new work, electric mobility and digitalization, and personal growth. Each area is represented by Audi employees sharing their personal experiences and stories, highlighting what makes working at Audi so unique.

Authentic testimonials

Judith Klaes, Director of Recruitment, Employer Branding and Career Development Programs, insists that this campaign is all about people. It highlights the areas most relevant to IT and technology talent, showing all that Audi has to offer.

Transformation and innovation

Sebastian, Head of Digital Delivery Management for Production at Audi, shares his enthusiasm for Audi’s transformation into a technology company. He discusses the three major revolutions underway at Audi: the digitization of the industry, the transition to electric vehicles, and the transformation from a simple manufacturer to a complete mobility provider.

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Flexibility and trust

Lena, working in Internal Communications at Ingolstadt, represents the “new work” area. She talks about the flexibility offered to employees, allowing them to work almost anywhere, while emphasizing the culture of trust that reigns at Audi.

Growth opportunities at Audi

Buenyamin, who began his career in production and is now IT Product Manager, talks about the many opportunities for personal growth offered by Audi. He emphasizes that digitalization at Audi is not just about collecting data, but about gathering innovative ideas.

The campaign in action

The campaign is already visible on various Audi channels, both online and offline. In particular, it is present on the Audi careers website and on social networks, and will also be highlighted at upcoming events and trade fairs.

With this new campaign, Audi once again demonstrates its ability to innovate and reinvent itself, while focusing on its employees as true brand ambassadors.

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