Discover what’s new on Android 14

With the imminent release of Android 14, the new version of Google’s operating system promises many improvements and features that will transform the user experience. Here’s an overview of the main new features that await you.

1. Simplified copy and paste

One of the most eagerly awaited features is the simplification of copy and paste. Android 14 introduces a floating toolbar that appears when you select text, making access to copy, cut and paste options quicker and more intuitive

2. No more full-screen ads

Users will be delighted to learn that intrusive full-screen ads will soon be a thing of the past. Android 14 gives users the option of disabling these ads, offering a more pleasant browsing experience

3. Greater control over notifications

Full-screen notifications can sometimes be annoying, especially when they interrupt an important task. With Android 14, you’ll have the option of disabling these notifications, giving you more control over what you see and when

4. Enhanced security against 2G attacks

Security is a major concern for Google, and Android 14 is no exception. The new version offers enhanced protection against attacks via cellular data, including the ability for businesses to disable 2G support. What’s more, end-to-end encryption for all network traffic ensures that your data remains secure

5. Taskbar enhancements

Android 14’s taskbar has been redesigned to deliver a better user experience. With redesigned icons and improved organization, navigating your device has never been smoother

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6. Updates for Samsung devices

Samsung users can also look forward to specific improvements, notably with the One UI 6 update based on Android 14. This update brings aesthetic and functional changes that will enhance the user experience on Samsung devices

7. Additional security measures

In addition to the improvements mentioned, Android 14 introduces further security features, such as blocking obsolete applications and an option to hide animations when entering the PIN code

In short, Android 14 is set to deliver an enhanced user experience with innovative features and enhanced security measures. Whether you’re concerned about security, annoyed by intrusive ads or simply looking for a better user experience, Android 14 has something to offer everyone.

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