Brevo: Sendinblue evolves into an all-in-one CRM

Sendinblue becomes Brevo: a new identity for new ambitions

Sendinblue, the European leader in digital marketing, is now a thing of the past, and is now called Brevo. This new name perfectly reflects the company’s new ambitions and expansion.

Sendinblue was first launched 10 years ago, when the company’s founders began offering entrepreneurs a simple and powerful platform for their email campaigns.

Since then, Sendinblue has continued to evolve and innovate, today offering a complete and integrated CRM platform capable of covering all the customer relationship management needs of businesses. The new Brevo brand ensures to celebrate this evolution and give the company a new identity.

Sendinblue becomes Brevo: a customer experience management platform

Sendinblue, founded in 2012, recently decided to change its name and is now called Brevo. So you could say that their mission has expanded considerably, from a newsletter sending tool to a complete customer experience management platform.

Not only does the tool allow sending emails, but Brevo has also implemented omnichannel marketing campaigns tailored to each audience and delivered across multiple communication channels (emails, SMS, WhatsApp, Chats, Wallet and many more). With this intuitive and scalable solution, Sendinblue’s massive customer base (500,000) can now benefit from a more comprehensive marketing and CRM platform that provides a unified view of customer journeys.

The Brevo platform is suitable for all types of businesses and activities, be it multi-channel marketing (orchestration, loyalty etc.), sales, customer support, transactional messaging or other. Brevo is therefore a tool capable of meeting the needs of businesses and consumers who today demand a personalized customer experience, in real time and on the communication channel of their choice.

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Brevo: the next step in customer relations?

The name change from Sendinblue to Brevo announces the company’s desire to align itself with a broader mission and to take up the challenge of the new customer relationship. By leveraging diversified tools, features and channels, Brevo is committed to helping its clients strengthen their relationships with their consumers to ensure growth and visibility. The new name, eponymous with the universal exclamation of recognition and approval, reflects the ambition to celebrate the achievements of client companies operating in more than 180 countries.

Over the past 18 months, Brevo has experienced remarkable growth with annual revenues of €100 million and positive EBITDA, which also allowed them to acquire six companies. With its new positioning, Brevo wants to increase the opportunities for success for its customers and establish its growth in the long term.

We have big plans for the future,” says Armand Thiberge, CEO of Brevo, “we will continue to strengthen our suite by adding new services and offering more than just a tool that centralizes the entire customer relationship. Brevo is ready to commit to the success of its customers and provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

Brevo, the CRM platform for building lasting customer relationships.

Brevo, formerly known as Sendinblue, is a CRM platform that enables companies to build deeper and longer lasting relationships with their customers. Providing a holistic view of the potential customer journey, Brevo brings practical and effective tools to establish optimal communication with users, easy to implement and manage.

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With its reliable technology and more than 75 plug-ins, Brevo has become a reference for more than 500,000 companies worldwide. Leading companies such as Sodexo, Louis Vuitton, Carrefour, eBay and Michelin rely on Brevo to deliver a satisfying customer experience, while reducing costs and boosting sales.

With more than 700 employees worldwide, including offices in Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Seattle, Toronto, Noida, Bangalore and Sofia, Brevo has established itself as a reliable CRM platform for building lasting relationships with its customers.

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