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Flexclip launches new update for its video editing

Video editing platform FlexClip is launching a new update that promises to give video content creators more flexibility. From now on, the platform offers a timeline mode that allows users greater precision in their editing. This mode includes the ability to create more precise edits by accessing the “timeline” feature, which allows users to process sequences one by one in detail and to make cuts within the same sequence.

This mode also allows the addition of overlays of elements on the same sequence, as well as the addition of several sound tracks. In addition, the other options of the storyboard mode are also available, giving users a wider variety of options and greater flexibility in their editing.

Timeline or Storyboard? Edit your videos faster.

The latest update to the video editing application now allows users to choose the editing mode that suits them best. With Timeline mode, you get more customization options, such as the ability to add multiple audio tracks, cut video sequences, etc. The Storyboard mode, on the other hand, allows you to edit videos more quickly thanks to its simplified interface. You can choose between Timeline or Storyboard mode depending on your preferences and the time you have to edit videos.

The video editing application caters to all the needs of users, whether they are beginners or experienced. Whatever your level, you will find the best way to edit your videos according to your needs and preferences. So, which editing method do you prefer?
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The customization possibilities offered by this software are endless. You can edit your video clips with transparency and blend effects, rearrange your clips and add titles and captions. You can also add transitions to move from one clip to another.

Once you’ve made your changes to your video, you can share it directly to popular social networking sites and platforms to get noticed and expand your reach. You can also export your project to your computer or upload it directly to your website.

This software has been designed to provide you with a simple and intuitive environment so that you can program all your ideas without restrictions. You have a large number of tools at your disposal to allow you to make creative and innovative videos.
Once the video is finished, you can upload it and share it on all digital platforms.

Create professional videos with ready-to-use templates

Need a tool to add a professional touch to your videos? With over 3,000 templates available in every field, CustomVideos puts the perfect tool in your hands.

Once you’ve chosen a template, all you have to do is customize the content according to the purpose of your video. You can select the images, text and colors you want to make your video unique. Finally, once the video is finished, you can upload it and share it on all digital platforms.

This service is easy to use and offers a wide variety of templates, so you can find the one that best suits your needs. So whether you’re looking for a template to promote your business, share your personal story or create a product presentation, you’re sure to find the perfect template for you.

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A powerful tool for all types of videos

The video creation and editing software is ideal for those who want to make video projects without having to go through a professional. Whether you want to create advertising videos, presentations, tutorials or record video games, the tool offers all the necessary features.

In addition to being able to edit and export videos in any format, the tool also allows you to record the screen and the webcam. It is therefore very practical and has a lot of advantages compared to professional software.

This tool is therefore ideal for beginners as well as for more experienced people, and it is very intuitive to use. Easy to learn and accompanied by tutorials to get started, it is very easy to create original and quality videos.

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