Pop Figures Buying Guide: How to find the best figures for your collection?

Action figures have become very popular in recent years and have become must-have collectibles for fans of pop and geek culture. However, with so many pop figures available, it can be difficult to know which ones to buy and how to choose for your collection. This buying guide will provide you with helpful tips to help you find the best pop figures for your collection.

What you need to know about pop figures

Pop figures are small statues about 9 cm high, which represent characters commonly drawn from well-known licenses. The statue is made of ethylene-based chain, a hard plastic with a nice touch. It is often made in Vietnam or China, depending on the supply. Currently, there are more than 8000 pop figures in different categories on the market. In recent years, they have become very popular in the world.

How to choose the pop figurines?

When choosing pop figurines, beware of figurines that are more expensive than normal: some third-party sellers do not hesitate to provide exorbitant statues (usually more than 50 euros), taking advantage of the shortage of stock at official retailers.

Also, beware of second-hand figurines. Although small second-hand statues seem to be more advantageous, be careful, because there are scams: counterfeiting, fraudulent lottery, dishonest sellers, etc.

Finally, favor recognized and reputable sellers. To do this, you can check the rating (annotation and opinions) of each seller on their item on the shopping site like Amazon. You can also find more information about the seller, especially their business and location. Please note that Amazon is not only a marketplace, but also a reliable seller. Besides amazon, you can also go to hot trading zone, zinc, Toy Haven Online, etc.

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Where to find the best pop figures?

Here are some sites where you can buy the best pop figurines:

Pop in box

Pop in box regularly provides promotional offers, allowing you to buy small statues cheaper, for example 2 statues for only 23 euros (instead of 28 euros). This offer is generally suitable for non-exclusive statues, whether it’s a new product or a pre-order figure, from an old catalog, or statues in stock.


Amazon is undoubtedly the largest marketplace on the Internet, so there are many third-party sellers in constant competition for bargains. The best way to find out about Amazon’s high quality plans is to follow their Funko Pop Figure Facebook page. Thanks to Amazon, you can always count the small statues you are interested in and gather them, or “save” to track its price. Finally, please note that in most cases, the shipping costs can be purchased from 25 euros.

Disney store

ShopDisney (formerly Disney store) offers a fair selection of pop figures (even since the website was fixed, it has often improved). If you are quick and smart, you can still make good deals. The store occasionally provides several small statues (like Rogue One, Alice in Wonderland or doctor strange). These packages are usually limited edition and they may have promotions.

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