Star Wars merchandise: How to find the best items for fans of the saga?

Due to the first movie released between 1977 and 1983, the “Star Wars” universe has been expanding ever since. The success of the legend is the origin of collectors that affect many generations. Fans know that the smallest replica of this series is not the only thing to succumb. “Star Wars” has the benefits of people of all ages, even if they do not know the original trilogy. If the list of derivative products collected each year increases, we have solved it to help you keep the necessities.

The different types of Star Wars merchandise

Based on a series of films “Star Wars”, there are many derivative products star wars. Of course, we can start from the figurines, including the image of the following characters:

  • Luke Paradise
  • Leia Skywalker
  • Darth Vader
  • Soro
  • Chewbacca
  • R2-D2
  • C-3PO

The first derivative product was created to be immersed in the world of the movies. From the statues to the clothing, including the famous Jedi saber, they are all kept for the most knowledgeable geeks. However, with the passage of time and the second trilogy, we saw another purpose: the child.

It’s just a series of games using the LEGO brand to create a series of games through the creation of a series of games. We are talking about a very complicated series, which will interest young and old people. But that’s not all, because the legends are the smallest comics that fit into the drawings and cartoons.

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Criteria for choosing the best star wars merchandise

The manufacturer

We want to warn that your first criterion is the manufacturer. We have noticed four types:

  • The “official” manufacturer, that is, the manufacturer who paid the license to Disney and therefore allowed to distribute its products, whether globally or in a given territory.
  • The manufacturer of products, known as the licensee, does not pay the license and therefore has no right to use the official name.
  • Fans who produce items by themselves are called fans. For clothing, weapons, sometimes even statues or designs, especially very common.
  • Counterfeiting: This illustrates the success of a fake product.

The quality

Unfortunately, “Star Wars” has been a great success, so many counterfeits exceed, so be careful when shopping. For example, pay attention to the product brands. This is usually a variation or inspiration for fake brands.

Obviously, the quality and price can also change a lot depending on the situation. Official is almost the most expensive, but it’s not necessarily the best finished product, and sometimes it will have incredible quality. Unlicensed items will be cheaper, but from one case to another, the quality will vary a lot. The price of fans will be very unstable, because it will depend on the manufacturers of the fans, and the quality can be disastrous. Finally, depending on the costs of the manufacturer, the price of counterfeit will also have a variable price.


The last point to be careful when searching for the object is whether the object exists in several variants, that is, different versions of the same object, or whether there is an exclusive version. These can be diverse and affect the price considerably. Please note that the variant version may be exclusive, but exclusivity is not always a variant version. Some exclusive examples:

  • Point of Sale Exclusive: this item may only be available on the store or a website.
  • Conference, trade show or other event exclusivity: this item can only be available during the above activity period.
  • Territory exclusivity: this item is available in certain regions, especially when the license has not been paid for all territories
  • Manufacturer exclusivity: the object is only used with its manufacturer, especially sideshow and gentle giantle. In some cases, this is the variant version of the item, and its simple version can be obtained from other dealers
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In short, a series of different exclusive products are not contradictory. Of course, all these types of exclusivity will affect the prices, whether by their rarity, transportation cost or customs.

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