Samsung Galaxy A51: a compendium of performance and style for technology enthusiasts

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is a smartphone that perfectly combines power and aesthetics to satisfy the most demanding users. With its impressive performance and elegant design, it offers an exceptional technological experience.

Samsung Galaxy A51: a quality screen for an immersive experience

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is the latest addition to Samsung’s A range. With its high-quality screen, it offers users an immersive and captivating visual experience. Featuring an FHD resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels, this 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display offers vivid colors, high contrast and clarity. Whether you’re watching videos, playing games or simply surfing the web, the Galaxy A51’s screen guarantees outstanding image quality

Thanks to its Infinity-O display technology, the screen occupies a large part of the phone’s front surface, offering an immersive, borderless experience. Users will be able to enjoy a full-screen display unhampered by notches or thick borders

What’s more, the Samsung Galaxy A51’s screen features an Always On Display function that allows important information to be displayed even when the screen is off. This means users can check the time, notifications and other information without having to turn on their phone. This practical feature is ideal for staying informed while saving energy

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy A51 offers a superior screen that enables users to enjoy an immersive visual experience. Whether watching movies, playing games or simply surfing the web, this 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display guarantees vivid colors, high contrast and clarity. What’s more, with its Infinity-O technology and Always On Display function, the Galaxy A51 offers a convenient, borderless experience

Samsung Galaxy A51: powerful performance for smooth, fast operation

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is a smartphone that has everything to please technology enthusiasts. Packed with powerful performance, it offers smooth, fast operation that will meet the needs of even the most demanding users

With its octa-core processor, the Galaxy A51 is capable of efficiently handling all everyday tasks, whether surfing the web, watching streaming videos or playing graphically intensive games. No need to worry about slowdowns or endless loading times, this smartphone is designed to deliver an optimal user experience

In addition to its performance, the Galaxy A51 also boasts a generous RAM memory that makes it easy to switch from one application to another without any latency. So you can surf the web while listening to music or chatting with friends on social networks, without any problems of fluidity

The Galaxy A51’s 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display is another major asset of this smartphone. With its Full HD resolution and vibrant colors, it enables full enjoyment of multimedia content, be it movies, TV series or video games. Immersion is total, and every detail is rendered with great precision

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The design of the Galaxy A51 is not to be outdone, with its glass back and meticulous finish. It’s an elegant, modern smartphone that will appeal to users looking for a device that is both high-performance and aesthetically pleasing

Last but not least, the Galaxy A51 also offers substantial autonomy thanks to its 4000 mAh battery. This means you can use your smartphone all day long without needing to recharge. A true autonomy that allows you to take full advantage of all the Galaxy A51’s functionalities

In short, the Samsung Galaxy A51 is a veritable compendium of performance and style. Its powerful performance, high-quality screen, elegant design and long battery life make it the ideal smartphone for technology enthusiasts

Samsung Galaxy A51: an elegant, refined design for a top-of-the-range phone

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is the latest addition to Samsung’s A range, and it’s not short on style and sophistication. With its elegant, refined design, it offers a high-end experience for technology enthusiasts

Elegant design

The Galaxy A51 boasts a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display, offering vivid colors and high contrast. Its FHD resolution enables an immersive and detailed visual experience, whether watching videos, browsing the Internet or playing games

Its slim, lightweight design, with rounded contours and a glossy finish, gives it a modern, sophisticated look. The choice of available colors, such as Prism Crush Black, Prism Crush White and Prism Crush Blue, means there’s one to suit every style

Advanced features

Beneath its attractive design, the Galaxy A51 hides advanced features that meet the needs of demanding users. Its octa-core processor delivers fast, fluid performance, whether you’re launching applications, switching between tasks or playing graphically intense games

It’s also equipped with a high-capacity 4000 mAh battery, for extended use without worrying about recharging. For those who need extra storage capacity, the A51 features a microSD card slot for up to 512 GB of additional memory

A versatile camera

The Galaxy A51 features a quad-camera system at the rear, with a 48-megapixel main camera, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, a 5-megapixel macro camera and a 5-megapixel depth sensor. With this configuration, it can capture sharp, detailed photos in any situation, whether in daylight or in dimly lit environments

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is a high-end phone that combines elegant, refined design with advanced performance. With its Super AMOLED display, powerful processor and versatile camera, it offers an exceptional user experience for technology enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a phone that combines style and performance, the Galaxy A51 is certainly a choice to consider

Samsung Galaxy A51: innovative features for practical everyday use

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is a compendium of performance and style designed to delight technology enthusiasts. With its array of innovative features, this smartphone offers practical everyday use

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Featuring a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display, the Galaxy A51 offers outstanding image quality with vivid colors and deep contrasts. Its elegant, slim design is a real eye-catcher, making it a true technological gem

Thanks to its Exynos 9611 processor and 4GB RAM, the Galaxy A51 delivers fast, fluid performance. Whether you’re multitasking, playing games or surfing the web, this smartphone knows how to meet every requirement without any latency

The camera is one of the Galaxy A51’s strong points. With its quadruple rear photo sensor, comprising a 48-megapixel main lens, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, a 5-megapixel macro sensor and a 5-megapixel depth sensor, this smartphone captures professional-quality shots. What’s more, the 32-megapixel front camera is perfect for selfies and video calls

The Galaxy A51’s 4,000 mAh battery offers impressive runtime, allowing you to enjoy your smartphone all day long without having to worry about recharging. And if you ever run out of battery, the 15W rapid recharge will quickly restore a full battery

When it comes to security, the Galaxy A51 features an under-screen fingerprint scanner for fast, secure unlocking. What’s more, it also features facial recognition for even greater security

The Galaxy A51 runs on Android 10 with Samsung’s One UI 2.0 user interface, offering a fluid and intuitive user experience. You’ll also be able to take advantage of Google Assistant to help you with everyday tasks and keep up to date with the latest news

In short, the Samsung Galaxy A51 is a complete smartphone that combines power, aesthetics and innovative features. Whether you’re a photo enthusiast, a gamer or simply looking for a high-performance smartphone for everyday use, the Galaxy A51 will meet all your expectations

Samsung Galaxy A51: a versatile camera for capturing unforgettable moments

One of the most eagerly awaited smartphones of 2020 is undoubtedly the Samsung Galaxy A51. With its versatile camera and exceptional performance, it promises to capture unforgettable moments. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or simply looking for a high-performance smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A51 will meet your expectations

Featuring a 48-megapixel main camera, the Samsung Galaxy A51 lets you take exceptional-quality photos, even in low-light conditions. Thanks to Pixel Fusion technology, your shots will be sharper and brighter than ever. Whether you’re looking for breathtaking scenery on your travels or immortalizing moments with friends, the Samsung Galaxy A51 is an ideal companion

In addition to its main camera, the Samsung Galaxy A51 is also equipped with a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera. This feature lets you capture breathtaking panoramic photos, ideal for majestic landscapes or large groups of people. Don’t miss a photo opportunity with this versatile camera

And that’s not all, the Samsung Galaxy A51 also features a 5-megapixel depth sensor, which lets you create beautiful background blur effects to highlight the main subject of your photo. Your portraits will be sublimated, and you’ll be able to achieve results worthy of a professional

In terms of performance, the Samsung Galaxy A51 is equipped with an octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM, guaranteeing a smooth, fast user experience. Whether you’re playing games, using applications or surfing the web, you’ll never be slowed down. What’s more, its 4000 mAh battery means you can use it all day without worrying about recharging

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The Samsung Galaxy A51 also boasts a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display, offering vivid colors and striking contrast. Watch your favorite movies and TV series in exceptional quality and enjoy an immersive visual experience

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy A51 stands out for its elegant, modern design. Its glass back and meticulous finishing give it a premium look, worthy of high-end smartphones. Available in a range of colors, you can choose the one that best suits your style

With all these features, the Samsung Galaxy A51 is a compendium of performance and style for technology enthusiasts. Capture unforgettable moments, enjoy a smooth user experience and stand out from the crowd with its modern design

Samsung Galaxy A51: powerful battery life for extended use

The Samsung Galaxy A51 offers high-performance battery life to satisfy even the most demanding users. Equipped with a 4000 mAh battery, this smartphone offers exceptional endurance all day long

Thanks to its intelligent energy management, the Galaxy A51 optimizes battery consumption by automatically adjusting settings according to usage. This prolongs battery life and prevents unexpected power cuts

But that’s not all! The Galaxy A51 is also compatible with fast charging. Thanks to its advanced technology, it is capable of rapidly recovering energy, enabling you to fully enjoy your smartphone in record time

This smartphone also features an intelligent power-saving mode that reduces battery consumption when it’s low. So, even under heavy use, you can continue to enjoy your Galaxy A51 without worrying about the battery draining too quickly

So with the Samsung Galaxy A51, you can enjoy high-performance battery life that will see you through the day, whatever you use it for. Whether you’re a video gamer, a social networker or a professional on the move, this smartphone will meet all your battery life expectations

Samsung Galaxy A51 features

Features Samsung Galaxy A51
Operating system Android 10, One UI 2.0
Processor Exynos 9611
RAM memory 4 GB / 6 GB
Internal memory 64 GB / 128 GB
Screen 6.5-inch Super AMOLED, resolution 1080 x 2400 pixels
Main camera Quad rear camera: 48 MP (f/2.0) 12 MP (f/2.2) 5 MP (f/2.4) 5 MP (f/2.2)
Front camera 32 MP (f/2.2)
Battery 4000 mAh
Connectivity 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, USB Type-C
Sensors Under-display fingerprint sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity, compass
Dimensions 158.5 x 73.6 x 7.9 mm
Weight 172 grams
Colors Black, white, blue, pink
Other features Dedicated microSD slot, 3.5 mm audio jack, 15W fast charge
Release date December 2019

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is a compendium of performance and style that will appeal to technology enthusiasts. Its quality screen offers an immersive experience, while its powerful performance makes for smooth, fast use. Its elegant, refined design makes it a top-of-the-range phone, and its innovative features make it practical for everyday use. What’s more, its versatile camera lets you capture unforgettable moments, and its high-performance battery life means it can be used for long periods of time. This makes the Samsung Galaxy A51 an ideal choice for those looking for an all-in-one phone that meets both their technological and aesthetic needs

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