SEA : how to get trained ?

Improving the visibility of your website on the Internet is vital for your business. One very effective way is to improve your search engine ranking. This allows you to appear in the results when users search for your keywords. The higher your website appears in the results, the higher your click-through rate and the more your leads will increase. To improve this, one of the main levers is SEA, or paid search. Here is a short guide to help you better understand SEA.

What is SEA?

SEA or paid referrals are part of an overall digital marketing strategy. Unlike SEO, it focuses on advertising like Google Ads or Microsoft Ads. Google Ads is now such a leader in online advertising that for many, the platform has become synonymous with SEA. If you are not familiar with it, Google Ads displays ads in different forms, such as text ads (also called search ads), Shopping ads or graphic ads on search engines.

You pay via the bidding system so that it is quickly seen by users who might be interested in your offer.

What is the objective of SEA?

Here are the objectives of SEA:

  • Increase visibility: SEA is very powerful and can increase the visibility of a company, brand or product in a competitive market.
  • Generate targeted traffic: With sponsored links placed above natural links.
  • Increase sales: with high quality traffic, express your buying intentions through simple searches.
  How to compare the traffic of its site with its competitors?

Ads can be created as sponsored links or banner ads. Advertisers pay a fee to search engines every time a user clicks on their ad. This is called cost per click (CPC).

The different forms of SEA activity

The most common type of ad is a sponsored link: you write a title, a short text and insert a link to a page on your website.

It can also be a still or animated image that is part of an advertisement on Google’s partner sites. As for the video, it is mainly used for promotion on the YouTube platform. If you have an online store, you should also consider advertising on Google Shopping: the tool is free for now, but you will gain visibility by combining organic and paid referrals.

Also consider the possibility of creating an ad for Gmail users: the email is sent and displayed at the top of the recipient’s inbox.

What training should I choose to specialize in SEA?

SEA attracts many people, such as students or marketing professionals, who can work in agencies, companies or even work on their own after training.

But that’s not all! The mastery of SEA also attracts some SME managers, entrepreneurs or web store managers. In this case, these professionals are more likely to choose on-the-job courses, which will allow them to acquire SEA skills.

Therefore, there is no predetermined path to becoming an ATS expert. Some study marketing or computer science and then hone their ATS skills, while others train. In this section, we’ve put together the top marketing courses to make you a SEA expert:

  • BTS Operational Sales Management ;
  • Bachelor’s degree in e-commerce and digital marketing;
  • Licence pro in operational marketing;
  • Bachelor web ;
  • Computer science goal.
  • Master’s degree from Excelia BS ;
  • Graduate diploma in marketing, sales management and international management; etc.

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