SEO : should you turn to an agency or a freelance ?

Are you planning to create a blog? Does your website deserve to be optimized? Get more traffic to increase your sales? But who do you turn to? A digital agency specialized in SEO can succeed, but so can a freelancer, right? Which collaboration would you like? Agency or freelance: Is your heart wavering between the two? In this article, you will see better in no time!

Some criteria to choose between freelancers and web agencies

Maybe you want to completely redesign your website, create a website or work on SEO. In both cases, it is imperative to call a professional. Even if you are computer literate, SEO is a full-time job. In order to handle it, you need to set aside a lot of your own tasks. The people to whom you delegate this task will have to devote most of their time to it. In addition, the best solution is to consult a professional SEO. But how do you choose between a freelancer and a web agency?

If your budget is tight, use cheaper freelancers. Sure, he may not have as much experience as a web agent. However, he knows that in order to make a name for himself, he has to do a quality job. Web agencies are made up of professionals, each with their own specialty. Therefore, his production cost must be higher.

Regarding the work itself, freelancers can focus on your website and its SEO. They have the possibility to get excellent results in less time than agencies. They usually have more clients, so their time is split between different clients. The quality is there, but the results can be delayed.

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Freelance and agency: what do they have in common?

Between SEO agencies and freelance consultants, each type of provider has its own characteristics, but there are also some common points.

First of all, their mission with their clients is the same, and it boils down to optimizing their website for search engines in order to help them get qualified traffic, get more conversions, and thus increase their sales. As such, they both specialize in Internet marketing, more specifically SEO.

Some may still be more focused on issues related to marketplaces or e-commerce sites, or oriented towards specific areas of activity. However, both types of service providers are SEO specialists and therefore able to intervene on the 3 main pillars of SEO, namely web links, technical aspects and content.

Freelance and agency: who works best?

In general, no provider is more efficient or competent than the other. Note, however, that some large SEO projects may require the intervention of several specialists, in which case an agency would be more appropriate.

On the other hand, freelancers have their own assets that will benefit your SEO: their reactivity and flexibility. If something goes wrong with your website at 9am on a Sunday, unlike an agency, a freelancer will probably be able to fix it himself. Therefore, you need to choose the right provider. Whether it’s an agency or a freelancer, consider their skills, your needs, your budget, their SEO experience, their references, their SEO tools, etc.

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