Stream Deck Mobile by Elgato is free now !

Elgato, a leading provider of hardware and software for content creators, has taken another step forward by making the Stream Deck mobile application free of charge. Stream Deck Mobile turns any smartphone into a portable productivity interface. With the new update, the app can be used free of charge for six keystrokes on either an iPhone or iPad.

Stream Deck Mobile: a “Freemium” application

The app’s model is “freemium”, meaning that users can get the best out of Stream Deck on their smartphone at no cost. They benefit from six buttons, unlimited actions and hundreds of plugins for popular applications. If users want more advanced features like custom layouts and backgrounds, and up to 64 keys, they can opt for the optional Pro subscription or lifetime purchase.

Personalization and accessibility: at the heart of the update

Personalization is a key aspect of the update. Users now have the option of switching from dark to light mode, controlling the rotation of the numeric keypad, and exploring community plugins and profiles on the Elgato Marketplace. With Stream Deck Mobile Pro, they can even change the number and layout of keys, and customize the appearance of applications with custom shells or images from their media library.What’s more, this update makes the pairing process between devices even easier, even enabling support for multiple virtual devices. This is a significant advance in accessibility for VoiceOver users, who can now use Stream Deck Mobile with enhanced accessibility support.

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Stream Deck Mobile 2.0: Optimized for iPad

The latest version of Stream Deck Mobile is fully optimized for the iPad, taking full advantage of its large screen and multitasking support. With split-view multitasking, users can run two instances of the application side by side, accessing an impressive total of 128 keys at once with Stream Deck Mobile Pro.

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